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Lifting Sling
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Product Description

> Advantages of “TEX-POWER” SLINGS

1. Easy use combined with industrial riggings for its lightness and flexibility.
2. Ultra indurative material secures the durability.
3. Classified by COLOR CODE to avoid misusages.
4. Able to satisfy various customers’ request including size, length and usage.
5. Strong resistant against chemicals and petroleum.
6. Able to print company names and others.
7. WARNING YARN is inserted in webbing to show the replacement time.

> Web Sling Safe Use Chemical Chart

* Disintegrated by concentrated sulfuric acid.
**Degraded by strong alkalies at elevated temperatures. For specific temperature, concentration and time factors, please consult Safevay Sling.
Chemical Nylon Polyester
Acid No *
Alcohol OK OK
Aldehydes OK OK
Strong Alkalies OK **
Bleaching Agetnt No OK
Dry Cleaning Solvents OK OK
Ethers OK No
Halogenated Hydrocabons OK OK
Hydrocarbons OK OK
Ketones OK OK
Oil,Crube OK OK
Oil, Lubricating OK OK
Soaps Detergents OK OK
Water,Seawater OK OK
Weak Alkalies OK OK
Lifting Sling | Eastern Industrial
Lifting Sling | Eastern Industrial

> Replacement Guidelines

Lifting Sling | Eastern Industrial If you see damage such as the following listed below, remove slings(including round slings) immediately from service. Return them to service only when aproved by a qualified individual. Following are the removal criteria established by ANSI B30.9:
1. Acid or caustic burns.
2. Melting or charring of any part of the sling.
3. Holes, tears, suts or snags.
4. Broken or worn stitching in load-bearing splices.
5. Excessive abrasive wear
6. Knots in any part of the sling.
7. Excessive pitting or corrosion, or cracked, distorted or broken fittings
8. Other visible damage that causes doubt as to the strength of the sling.In addition, “TEX-POWER” Sling recommends four other important reasons to remove slings from service: 1. If you see our Red Core warning yarns.
2. Distortion of the sling.
3. The sling has an identification tag that is in any way unreadable.
4. Anytime a sling is loaded beyond its rated capacity, for any reason.
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